Night Visions

Night Visions

By, Ghost Stories Ink

Published by, Red Sofa Books, © 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9912456-3-5


NightVisionsWendyReview:  Night Visions is a collection of 9 stories in the ghost story genre.  The leader of the Ghost Stories Ink group, Jessica Freeburg, explains that creating this group was inspired by going to the Palmer House in Minnesota.

  1. Repeated, by Jessica Freeburg:  And interesting story about a ghost, Beth who always relives the disturbing events of her death on the anniversary of her death.
  2. The Last Supper Club, by Jay Asher: A story about some students learning entrepreneurial skills, think of a clever idea; making meals which people ate just before they died or were murdered.  Spoiler alert: someone dies in the end.  In my opinion, it was very well written, cool idea, although I did suspect someone was going to die, just didn’t know for sure who.
  3. Darkness Watching, by Natalie Fowler: Starts out as a wonderful, but typical ghost-hunter story, the ghosts talking, the ghost hunters hunting, but seemingly not finding anything.  However, ends on a very suspenseful note.  The “Shadow Thingy” is gone!  Where did it go?  Did it disappear, or did it posses someone?  Will we ever find out?  I hope there is a second part to this story somewhere, someday!
  4. The Cottage, by Crystal Brutlag:  Another interesting ghost-hunting story, this time a daughter of a ghost-hunter helping her girlfriends figure out about a ghost some football players claimed were at this cottage.  Seems like the ghost was filled with jealous rage, and possibly possessed one of the girls.
  5. The Lift, by Sammy Sarzoza: Takes place on Halloween, an up-coming actor is invited to a party.  He gets a ride from a stranger, who we find out later is a ghost who got killed just inside the mansion’s gates.
  6. Unforgotten, by L. W. Edwards:  A great story about two friends who tried to save each other from drowning.  Aaron died in the process, but wanted his friend Sam to know he was sorry.  Aaron had tried to leave the orphanage to be adopted by a woman who he thought was interested in adopting him.  A Clairvoyant helps the ghost-hunting team learn about Aaron.
  7. The In-Between, by Shawn McCann:  Very fun, exciting tale about a haunted hotel.  A married couple stay at the hotel and hear screams coming from room 8.  The hotel staff and even the police seem unconcerned, which of course seems odd to the couple who believe someone has been murdered!
  8. By The Fire, by Sean Spinks:  Ryan is driving along, and being a good Samaritan, gives a lady by the side of the road, a ride.  He doesn’t know why, but something about her seems odd and gives him the creeps.  He brings her to her destination, but something compels him to go inside to make sure everything is okay.  Ryan meets “The Family” which the woman had told him about.  They become strange, distorted figures and come after Ryan.  They tell him that he’s part of “the family” now and Ryan flees out of the house.
  9. The Dungeon, by Joshua Sterling Bragg:  A very suspenseful tale about a boy who goes exploring in his father’s church (his father is a pastor).  There is one room in the basement of the church which no kid dares to go down into.  Little does he realize, there are ghosts down there until he is so far down into the basement that he can not go back, but instead must keep plodding forward.  But, where will that lead him?  To the “poor farm” where it turns out an evil ghost resides.

Opinion:  An excellent group of stories, very well written.  Perfect if you are an avid ghost story reader, or want something a little creepy for Halloween.


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